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Symbiodiniaceae genome
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        PhyloDB is custom database suitable for comprehensive annotation of metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data. It is comprised of peptides obtained from KEGG, GenBank, JGI, ENSEMBL, and various other repositories.

Functional annotationmd5sum

  Marco 2016

        During a research cruise in the period of 6-12 August 2016, 20 samples were collected at C6 (117.46°E, 22.13°N) and C9 (117.99°E, 22.69°N) stations from the northern South China Sea (SCS). Sampling targeted three depth layers, which encompassed distinct physicochemical conditions: surface (SUR), deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) and bottom of photic zone (BOT) layers.

Functional annotationmd5sum
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